How To Be An Amazing Teacher

How to be an Amazing Teacher

ISBN: 978-184590442-5

This is Caroline’s latest publication, it is available directly from Amazon , or from Crown House, the publishers (please download an order form).

It is the practical guide to developing outstanding teaching skills, packed full of invaluable tips and helpful strategies. The book is aimed at the individual teacher who seeks to become outstanding, but is also ideal for the school leader who wants essential tips and tools for making Teaching and Learning outstanding in their school or college.

The book is already provoking much excitement and Caroline has led highly successful Inset on ‘How to be an Amazing Teacher’ in schools in the UK and the Middle East. If you are interested in running an Inset or twilight session on this area please contact Caroline for an exemplar agenda.


Reviews about the book highlight its chief characteristics and Caroline’s ethos:

‘This book jumps off the page from the very beginning, grabs you and never lets go. Every chapter is a gem. Each has excitement, ideas, tools. What’s more, it covers the waterfront of everything that is key without ever getting bogged down. Caroline-Bentley Davies is Amazing. Read it as soon as you can if you want to appreciate and improve your teaching to maximum benefit.’

Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto

‘Takes the mystique out of being an Amazing Teacher: sensible and achievable steps drawn from a wealth of invaluable experience.’

Paul German, Associate Headteacher, Kennet School.

‘Caroline Bentley-Davies provides a checklist of what outstanding teachers do that I wish I’d seen when I was getting started. The book is practical, uplifting and immensely reassuring. It reminds us that whilst brilliant teachers are awe-inspiring to watch, their skills are essentially learnable. CBD’s book provides a canny mix of advice and opportunities for reflection on the journey towards being an outstanding teacher. The style is eminently calm and practical. ‘

Geoff Barton, Headteacher, King Edward VI School