Staff Coaching

Many schools are looking for long term strategies to move teaching and learning forward. Coaching staff helps them develop the skills to improve their own practice. Caroline offers three types of coaching:

Middle Leader Coaching

Ensuring that middle leaders are able to accurately judge the quality of teaching and learning in their subject areas. Joint observations are undertaken with Caroline and staff are coached about how to give good feedback and help move their department forward. Time needed: One day.

Developing Staff Coaches

You will have some good and outstanding teachers that you wish to train as coaches so that they can support and coach other teachers either within their department or across the school. This is a positive way of helping them gain professional development experience and can have a massive impact on the quality of teaching and learning across the school. Caroline has experience of training coaches to do this: this normally entails twilight training and some coaching time in school. Minimum 1.5 days.

Coaching staff

Caroline can coach and provide accompanying training for staff to improve their performance: from Good to Outstanding, or Securing Good Lessons. Do you have a group of teachers who need assistance with a specific area, such as: providing challenge, questioning skills, lesson planning or behaviour management? A structured, supportive programme with training and coaching takes place over a half term for a maximum of 10 staff. Please contact Caroline directly for more information.