Pupil Revision Sessions for G.C.S.E.

Sticky Learning for Students: For all subjects.

Caroline runs a range of revision sessions for Year 10 and Year 11 students helping them to consider how best to revise and learn effectively for examinations. These ‘Sticky Revision Sessions’ ensure that students are given the tools to help them revise, learn and embed the learning they have received in class. The session consider: what can help you revise, ‘note it and nail it’, key vocabulary tips and strategies for dealing with examination questions. Caroline typically spends a day in the school teaching a group of 30 students at a time. These study skills tips can then be adopted across a range of subjects.

English GCSE focus:

Caroline has examined for most of the main examination boards over recent years.She has authored popular Pearson textbooks for WJEC and Edexcel. She runs English GCSE Revision sessions in schools across the country. These focus on the particular skills students need to attain their target grade. Most schools usually book a whole day and choose from a selection of relevant revision sessions. These are closely tailored to the examination paper and help pupils improve their examination performance. Sessions can be targeted at improving reading or writing skills and pupils remark that they feel much more confident after attending a session. Sessions are usually an hour or an hour and a half in length and can be organised to fit in with the school day. Caroline is happy to teach a maximum of 30 pupils per sessions.

"Caroline's energetic and dynamic teaching style was a pleasure to watch. Our students were engaged and enthused. She boosted their confidence and shared valuable top tips as an examiner. They felt much more prepared for the examination". K.Lewis, Head of Department, Peterborough.

These revision sessions are very popular and many schools book sessions many months ahead. To check Caroline's availability please email or telephone her well in advance.