Gifted and Talented

Stretch and Challenge for More Able Pupils

Ensuring that the more able pupils are challenged is an area that needs developing in many schools. Give your staff the opportunity to discover strategies and solutions for helping the Gifted and Talented students excel in the everyday classroom. Caroline can provide tailored Inset for staff on this area. This is suitable for all subject areas.

Pupil Workshops

Caroline provides a range of exciting workshops for pupils across the age range. These have a English focus and can be used to boost pupils who are aiming for the top grade or to provide an exciting enrichment experience. Caroline recently ran a Year 5/6 Creative Writing day with a follow up writing competition for several primary schools. (All entries were marked by Caroline and all pupils received constructive feedback) Winners were selected and received a certificate and book token.

An extended Thriller Writing Session was also provided for bright but disaffected boys in Years 8 & 9. Caroline also provides Literature sessions on a range of topics including ‘Challenging Poetry for Key Stage 3’ and Introducing Shakespeare.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work yesterday. The students really enjoyed the sessions and I think they got a lot out of them. Thanks also for the CPD session after school. You got a good turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy getting involved." E.Heath. Maltings Academy Essex. January 2014.

To find out more about these days or to request a day tailored to a topic you are teaching contact Caroline directly.